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Seminar Presentations

Updated OnTitlePresentation File
19/12/2016Service Sector-Key drivers of India’s Economic Growth-Health Sector Dr.M.Arulpitchai Narayan38 RCC Download File
19/12/2016Key drivers of economy-mining sector S K Singh 38 RCC Download File
19/12/2016Art of Mind Control Youth 38TH RCC Download File
19/12/2016NCLT_ BY CMA-SATYAJIT GUPTA 38TH RCC Download File
19/12/2016SCA- B B GOYEL 38TH RCC Download File
16/12/2016Corporate Governance – CMA & Bhagavad Gita BY Dr P V S Jagan Mohan Rao 09.12.2016 38 RCC Download File
16/12/2016Presentation for BNCCI 0912.2016 38 RCC Download File
11/07/2016Transfer-Pricing-PPT-190714-Final Download File
12/06/2016Managing cost & taking successful business decisions –37th RCC 12June 2016 Download File
12/06/2016PPT form NSDL 37TH RCC 12 June 2016 Download File
12/06/2016Cost management 37TH RCC 12 June 2016 Download File
12/06/2016TCM in coal mining 37TH RCC 11 IJNE 2016 Download File
12/06/2016Managing Cost & Business Decisions 37th RCC June 11, 2016 Download File
10/06/2016Cos Act, 20 13 Download File
10/06/2016NCLT - JMR .. Download File
10/06/2016PPT on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Download File
08/05/2016Union Budget - 2016 – service tax changes – Download File
29/01/2015Literature Review on Enterprise Risk Management in Insurance Companies Download File
29/01/2015Corporate Risk Management & Insurance Download File
29/01/2015Basel III and Indian Banking System Download File
29/01/2015New Tax Audit Framework Download File
29/01/2015Service Tax Issues & Recent Jurdiciary Prouncements Download File
29/01/2015Goods and Services Tax (GST) Concept, Model & Present Status Download File
29/01/2015CMA & the Companies Act 2013 Download File
29/01/2015Management of Cost in Power Sector for Sustainability of The Electricity Distribution Download File
29/01/2015Managing Bottom Line in the fast changing business situation Download File
29/01/2015Increased Role of Finance Professionals in Power Sector – 12th Plan and beyond Download File
29/01/2015Infrastructure and Development: The present Challenges Download File

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