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Notice Date07/04/2017



The Institute of Cost Accountants of India – Eastern India Regional Council invites open tender for supply and installation of Fire Extinguisher for its building  (Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor) at 84, Harish Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700025 as per terms and conditions stated below:


Effective against all classes of fire

 Fire Extinguisher must be effective against all classes of fire viz. Electric and electrically energized equipment, Petrol or similar fuel, Wood, Cloth, Plastic, Gas, Metal, Paint & chemicals etc.


 5 Years warranty

Minimum 5 years warranty is must for all units of extinguisher.



All the products must be ISI Certified. Additionally CE certified may be preferred


List of Customers

List of reputed customers to whom supply has been during the last one year.



Rate of scope of refilling when barrel/cylinder becomes partly or full empty after use.


Demonstration and Training

Supplier has to demonstrate and impart training to use the extinguisher to all employees so that it can be utilized in exigency.


Dealers Certificate

If the supplier is an authorized  dealer, dealer’s certificate has to be provided.


No Installation Charge

Additional installation cost if any, should be borne by supplier.




a)      MAP 90,   6 Kg                                                       1 No.

b)      MAP 90,   5 Kg  Ceiling mounted                                1 No.

c)      MAP 90,   4 Kg                                                       5 Nos.

d)      MAP 90,   2 Kg                                                       2 Nos.

e)      Clean Agent HCFC 123,   2 Kg                               3 Nos.


Tender addressed to The Secretary, TheInstitute of Cost Accountants of India -  Eastern India Regional Council should reach the office at 84, Harish Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 25 on or before 17th  April, 2017.  Tender can be sent by post, courier or by messenger.



                                                                                                            By Order

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